Payment Information


What are the available “Payment Modes” on your site?

 The available “Payment Modes” are

Credit Card

Debit Card

Net Banking

Cash On Delivery


Will it be safe if I use my Credit Card on your site?

 Yes! Pkkart.com understands you want your personal information safe and it is very important to you. We use a wide range of electronic security measures and devices to protect your data and information from unauthorized access.


Will it be safe it I use my Debit Card on your site?

 Yes! Pkkart.com understands that your personal data if important to you. We ensure there is no breach and violation in the rules and regulations set for Online Payment Security.


Do you have “Cash on Delivery” option as a mode of payment?

 Yes! I  have “Cash on Delivery” option as a Mode of Payment.


Do you charge VAT/Service Tax on any purchase?

 Pkkart.com does not charge any extra tax for Online Purchase. By  law we are required to pay the Tax amount to the government, so that amount is implicit in your purchase value. You are not required to make any additional payment.


Do you accept International Credit Cards?

Sorry, currently we do not accept International Credit Cards